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Annette LaingANNETTE LAING worked for the Standard Bank for approximately 30 years. She worked in various departments of the Standard Bank starting with the general banking duties. She was later appointed as Student Business Loans Consultant to assist with an area which was new to the bank, during this period she excelled in her Service and Sales Skills and received an award for her achievements.

Annette was then appointed to assist with the start-up of the Corporate Home Loan Schemes for most of the Bank’s Corporate Clients based in the Western Cape. She dealt with such companies as Old Mutual, Mobil Oil (Engen), BP, Ovcon, I & J and many others. These companies had various forms of housing benefits for their staff, which were outsourced to the Bank to streamline and manage on their behalf. This was no mean feat. However the team tackled this task with diligence and persevered to make this a great success. The Corporate Schemes were then taken over by the Home Loans Division where Annette was seconded to continue the successful management of the schemes and to ensure that any problems experienced during the change over be diplomatically handled.

Annette then progressed to cover all aspects of the Home Loans Division including the managing of the Sectional Title, Building loans, registrations, client services, new loans and many other areas.

Annette also worked as Home Loans Consultant dealing with estate agents.

Annette’s strengths lay in her Service and Sales which led to her major break through when she was appointed as a team leader in the Standard Bank’s Service Standardization drive. Through this drive we introduced the workout concept of Quality Service Circles in all branches. This enabled the Bank to iron out problems by getting staff and customers to participate in discussion forums thus improving banking standards and service levels for everyone. This has proved successful and the process is still used today for continual improvement.

This proved to be a major success for Annette and she was rewarded for her efforts by being offered a senior position as Area Consultant in the CBD Area thereafter as Service Manager for a number of outlets.

Annette being computer literate and having the knowledge and skills to run this type of operation where it is important to have the Home Loans as well as the Sales and Service Skills to serve her clients with top quality information and service.

Annette has passed the Estate Agents Affairs Board Examinations to obtain the required certification to operate this type of business. She has also completed the Sales and many other courses offered by the Institute of Estate Agents. Annette is fully qualified to operate as Principal property Consultant and Estate Agent. Having a strong belief in integrity together with her Tell the Truth policy Annette can only make a success of this type of business.


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