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ANNETTE LAING PROPERTY CONSULTANTS CC is a modern, dynamic and distinctive business based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. As an accredited Real Estate Agency, established in 2000, we have a wide network of contacts and a diverse range of skills geared to meet the specialised needs of our clients.

We are a dedicated team, which specializes in all aspects of buying, selling and letting or residential and sectional title property. In addition to this, we are highly experienced in co-ordinating the numerous elements that constitute a Property Management Consultancy.

Past experience and an extensive industry network provides us with the ability to service our clients with integrity, speed, efficiency and professionalism. This, combined with a wide network of industry contacts and service providers, makes ANNETTE LAING PROPERTY CONSULTANTS CC the perfect business associate for any organisation that takes pride in communicating effectively with internal and external business markets.

Although we are relatively new in the market we have already build up a strong image as one of being ethical, honest, knowledgeable , and professional we are rated quite well and are a strong contender in the Real Estate Business. As more and more changes are being introduced into the Real Estate Industry, agents will have to be more knowledgeable, professional and efficient. We plan to keep ahead of the changes by continual training and to be in the forefront with new ides in our marketing strategies and technology.

We are a great team, who believe in Integrity. With our Tell the Truth (TTT) policy we have build up a large customer base, which call us again and again for advice, assistance and repeat business. About 95% of our business to date has been on a referred basis, which is largely due to our successful follow up marketing practice. The most important asset in our business organisation and in determining our success we must have the ability to extract the maximum possible performance out of each member of our team. Continual team-building and motivation is the most essential exercise to maintain attitudes and morale in general. We must be aware of each member of teams experience, strengths and weaknesses, potential, aspirations and limitations when formulating our plans.

Our values, beliefs and goals are reflected in our Mission Statement and Vision of our Business. Ethics is a system of principals that governs our values, which we believe in and are used to maintain and build ethical relationships with our customers. Our value system commits our team to the highest standards when dealing with our customers, ensuring that ethical ways of running our business is maintained. Our work unit regards itself as a TEAM whereby there is cooperation and commitment to our objectives with open and honest communication between us.

It is the responsibility of the management team by their behaviour and actions to ensure that the rest of the team are aligned and are all pulling in the same direction towards the achievement of our goals. No discrimination with regard to colour, race, religion or gender will be allowed in the hiring of personnel or in the dealing with clients.

We continually review our customer’s requirements and market trends to ensure a high quality of service and maintain effective liaison with the customer at all times. Following the Quality Management System we ensure that employees have the references, required to perform their work in conformance to requirements before starting the work, e.g. system procedures, work instructions, wok standards, etc.

As training and integrity play an integral part of our business, all employees are motivated on a continuous basis to empower themselves to take responsibility for their personal upskilling. All personnel have access to a number of books, magazines, property updates, reports and other publications that may provide ideas and information on how to improve quality and productivity in the company. All personnel are given the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, motivational speakers, conferences and other events where improvement information may be gathered.

As customers are the best judge of service, we are not, and to enable us to create a lasting competitive advantage, we need to focus our attention on our customers, be listening to them, to understand their current and future needs to enable us to exceed their expectations.


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a modern, dynamic and distinctive business based in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. As an accredited Real Estate Agency, established in 2000...

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